Neurocycle™ App

Manage stress, anxiety, depression, and toxic thinking with the first brain detox app!

Neurocycle™ uses Dr. Leaf’s scientifically researched and revolutionary 5 Step process to help you take back control over your thoughts and life. 

The Neurocycle™ App is scientifically demonstrated to help manage and reduce anxiety, depression, and mental ill-health by up to 81%.


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Audio Guides



5 Steps

15 Min – 63 Days

The Neurocycle Program

Dr. Leaf guides you daily through the steps needed, giving you instructions, tips, and support to manage you anxiety, stress, depression, and toxic thinking.

  • Find the roots of the toxic thoughts and habits causing mental health issues
  • Reconceptualize the origin story/roots
  • Rebuild a healthy new thought pattern and habit to change behavior